2 Types of Flawed Thinking That Are Getting in the Way of Landing a Book Deal

how to get a book deal
thought patterns that hold you back

I was thinking about the last batch of queries I caught up on last week, and I was trying to pinpoint why I passed on so many of the nonfiction projects.

On the surface, it’s easy to quantify the most common reason for passing—around 350 of the approximately 500 rejection letters I sent were because the author’s platform wasn’t strong enough yet.

The “yet” is the crucial part of this. I was so happy to see so many well-written queries and proposals with sound market research, unique concepts, and strong sample material. But when I looked at the marketing and publicity section, there were too many instances of “I will do this…” rather than “I have already done this.”

Which leads me to believe that the deeper issue is more about timing and perspective than hard numbers. I think two things are happening:

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Interview with Amy Newman

Happy Day 7 of the World Cup!

In case you’re trying to distract yourself from the jitters of Brazil playing at 3 pm, head on over to Amy Newman’s blog for a quick interview with me. Amy was kind enough to feature me as part of her agent interview series, and she let me talk about how I got started in publishing and what I think it takes to succeed as a writer.

And I definitely encourage aspiring writers to sift through the other agent interviews on her site–Stephen Barr’s interview is particularly hilarious!