4 Ways Introverts Can Get Comfortable with Video

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But first, the publishing news worth reading this week:

Pete Wells Has His Knives Out (Ian Parker for The New Yorker): This is a fun and fascinating profile of Pete Wells, “the restaurant critic of the Times, who writes a review every week—and who occasionally writes one that creates a national hubbub about class, money, and soup.” It’s a great inside look at the massive influence traditional media still holds, and it’ll also make you hungry.

Instagram Stories: Your New Favorite Way to Engage With Readers? (Martine Ellis for The Write Life): “If Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, what’s the point? Authenticity, engagement, and exposure. Unpolished snapshots of someone’s day are far more interesting than a carefully crafted flat lay featuring scattered rose petals and a strategically placed — albeit irrelevant — pair of vintage scissors.”

How to Be Active on Social Media without Losing Your Mind (Kirsten Oliphant on Jane Friedman.com): “The biggest issue I hear from people struggling with online marketing is TIME. Many writers struggle to balance social media and writing or creative work. Since we don’t have the option to go back before the age of Twitter, we are left with a few options…”

Jennifer Egan on Writing, the Trap of Approval, and the Most Important Discipline for Aspiring Writers (Brain Pickings): “You can only write regularly if you’re willing to write badly… Accept bad writing as a way of priming the pump, a warm-up exercise that allows you to write well.”

4 Ways Introverts Can Get Comfortable with Video (And Happy Pub Day to Damn Delicious!)

Hey everyone!

I’m baaaccckkk. After two magical weeks of being away for our wedding and mini-honeymoon, Jarrett and I are both back at it.

First things first: yes, I will be sharing wedding photos with you all here! I’ve had a few requests for them already, and I can’t wait to see them myself the very second they hit my inbox. With any luck, we’ll all see them by next week.

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Deal News: DAMN DELICIOUS by Chungah Rhee

damn delicious book deal chung ah rhee

I realized this weekend that I’ve been doing a terrible job of announcing The Good Stuff. I’m always so focused on trying to help writers improve their craft and their platforms, but in reality, The Good Stuff can be just as inspiring as any practical advice. After all, the dream of getting a book deal is what makes all the long days and hard work of platform-building worth it.

So one of my goals for 2015 will be to share all The Good Stuff that’s happening behind the scenes of my day-to-day work. And today I’m excited to officially announce a deal that’s been long in the works: Damn Delicious by Chungah Rhee, to be published by Oxmoor House in Fall 2016!  Here’s the official Publishers Marketplace announcement:

Damn Delicious Book Deal

The book will be a gorgeous collection of the quickest, easiest recipes that have won Damn Delicious its huge readership. It will be published in association with Cooking Light, which means every recipe will include handy nutritional stats and be rigorously tested by the experts at the Cooking Light test kitchen.

I’m especially excited about this project because, while working with Chungah on the proposal and deal, I became completely addicted to her food. Seriously. Her recipes keep us fed around here. And yes, maybe I am not the most unbiased person to be raving about this, but I really am continually blown away by how easy, flavorful, and fun her recipes are. Here are a few favorites that have become part of our weekday rotation:

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