Read, Eat, Drink: Author Websites, Pasta Roundup, and The Minimum Sage Cocktail


Are you a writer? Do you have a website? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, get thee over to and sign up for a website, STAT. Mike Shatzkin, a publishing insider who writes a great marketing blog, wrote a post this week that sent shudders of horror through me.

He pointed out that many authors don’t have websites, and even worse, that now some publishers are thinking about building and owning websites for their bestselling authors. This is so fraught with complications (which I won’t get into here, since Shatzkin covers them already), and it’s also shortsighted. The impact the Internet will have on publishing is coming into crisper focus every day, and it’s no longer possible to turn away from the fact that authors must have an online presence. Every single one of them. And that presence must be owned and managed by the author, or by an employee or consultant working on behalf of the author.

I feel a bit like a crazed doomsday prophet screeching about the interwebs sometimes, but take heed, authors, for the Internets shall not pass!  The online world isn’t going to go away, and it’s becoming an increasingly important part of our offline world. You need to exist in both places. And if you don’t have a website or some form of social media, you don’t exist to the all-powerful Google, and you don’t exist to the millions of potential readers who are looking for someone like you. So, I repeat, in my most annoyingly nagging tone possible: get a website!

Read the rest of Shatkin’s article here.


Lately, I’ve been craving pasta. Just kidding. Every single day of my life since birth I’ve craved pasta. I predict that 50 years from now someone will isolate the addicted-to-pasta gene on a strand of DNA, and I will finally have answers about my condition. Until then, let’s all drool over these ridiculously good-looking bowls of pasta:

Reginetti with Savoy Cabbage

Reginetti with Savoy Cabbage and Pancetta. That reginetti is so cute I could just eat it right up.  (I guess that’s the point, huh?) Recipe here.

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Why Design Matters for Your Website


Author website design

Today I’m over on Jane Friedman’s wonderful blog talking about why design is such a big, big deal for blogs and websites. If you’re just starting to build your platform, or want to take your work to the next level, you’ve GOT to make it look appealing. Design is your brand, and you only have about 10 seconds to win over someone who wanders through your online home. (According to #science, no one has an attention span  anymore…) Click here to read about the 7 things you need need on your site to make a strong first impression.

And while you’re there, poke around Jane’s blog–it’s full of fantastic resources for aspiring authors, creatives, and entrepreneurs. I think you’ll find it bookmark-worthy.