How to save your favorite quotes from books (& free art print!)

I’ve been rereading Bird by Bird the past few weeks, and I’m remembering how many underline-worthy sentences there are in it. I love those sorts of books—the ones that make you pause every few pages to dwell on and soak up a sentence that hits a vein of truth. The problem is, we soak up […]

10 book art prints to inspire you to read more

Jarrett and I watched The Little Prince last week, and I am smitten. Why had no one told me how cute this movie was when it first came out?! I loved every bit of it: the gorgeous paper cut-out animation, the thoughtfully done adaptation and expansion of the storyline, the themes of finding adventure and […]

What If I’m Too Introverted for Platform Building? (Free Art Print!)

But first, the stories worth reading this week: The Truth About The New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists (Tim Grahl on The Observer): “If you’re a nonfiction author, and particularly if you write business books, bestseller lists mean more speaking gigs, higher consulting rates, higher visibility, and an enhanced reputation. They also mean more […]

Thanksgiving, I Love You. (And a free art print for your Thanksgiving table!)

Thanksgiving is the best holiday. I love Thanksgiving because it’s about nothing but the things that matter: family, friends, food, faith, home, and the gratitude we have for them all. It’s also about crispy turkey, mashed potatoes, my mom’s mac and cheese, Brussels sprouts gratin, cranberry sauce, gravy (oh the gravy…), mushroom and wild rice pilaf, butternut squash […]